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just some light bedtime reading
Alright, my kind people!! Here's what I got in my recent package from hack club!! I got some "sprig posters" for Phoenix hacks:fireball:
Got postcard printed i tried to make something antique Pic credit-@Holly
We won the first prize with this for the Math in CS category! We had a few other fractal-based programs as well but this one's my favorite! (There's a slight audio delay in the recording)
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Okay u guys, @ryan is a legend. He helped to fix navbar, and etc while just on his phone. respect
Tysm to everyone at HQ! Hacky Holidays!! :christmasparrot: Did u accidentally send me two of the photos lol
Thanks @Holly for amazing package :duck-dance: :roo-love: , and also thanks @bankops for the funds and help on the first step of TeenHack Stockholm
Happy holidays!
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our venue is lovely and our sponsor is the best! :blobheart: 😭 😭 im so so excited yet so stressed at the same time
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wow... it's been a while... in september of 2021, i got cut from my school's volleyball team. i had been playing club volleyball for several years. i was sad, angry, mad, but mostly confused, because i had identified with volleyball so much over the last few years. that same month, in an effort to join some sort of sport, i impulsively joined cross country. i met an amazing community of people that helped making running less bad. when i returned to track in the spring, i joined both long distance and pole vault (my usual event). inspired by xc, at my local civil air patrol squadron, i founded a run club community on strava that has now amassed nearly half of our cadets. we've hosted in-person runs, ran to mt. olympus (virtually), and recently... WE GOT STICKERS! our motto is 'stridin' on', and our logo is a little cold minecraft strider, since we're PNW kids and don't know what weather over 50 degrees means. being a varsity athlete in track and field after feeling like i wasn't good at sports anymore is rewarding, but founding a swag community with STICKERS is a million times better. anyway. i missed hack club.
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Big sad not cured but I finished this. It's pretty cute.
Time to cure the big sad.
Awww :hug:
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